Frequently Asked


What services does Foo Concept provide?

We create customized holidays ranging from honeymoons, special celebrations and family getaways. We offer 3 kinds of service ranging from local guide & photographer, local guide only, and local photographer only. For any service that you purchase, it includes:

• Travel advice, inspiration and planning – over whatsapp

• We provide support throughout your holiday and are on call in the case of an emergency.

Can Foo Concept help me to book train ticket?


Do you provide transport during our holiday?

Basically, we will travel by public transport (local guide & photographer’s transport fee will be borne by Foo Concept). If you need to rent a car with driver, we can help you to arrange it. Price may differ based on passenger and does not include parking fee.

Can Foo Concept help us to book the accommodation & plane ticket?

We do not serve accommodation & plane ticket booking services, but we can recommend the accommodation & flight based on your preferences.

Do we have to pay for our meal and attraction places entrance fees?

Pick any meal you want and for transparency purposes, guests will pay for their meal and attraction places entrance fees.

Can we tip Foo Concept guide & photographer?

Of course you may.

What if it rains on the day of the shoot?

Then that would be the best time to take out your best umbrella and have lots of fun dancing in the rain. But.. if you’re not up for that, we’ll try our best to reschedule your session for another time. Here’s a tip though, check the weather forecast at your destination three days prior to your shoot date. If the weather doesn’t permit you to be outside, please contact our Client Relations.

What’s a good place to take pictures?

Our photographers or guide can suggest to you the best spots in the city. They’ll know the way! If you already have some ideas in mind, please let us know.

How will I meet my guide or photographer?

Our guide or photographer will contact him directly and discuss a meeting point.

When will my pictures be ready?

Your photos will be ready to be downloaded three - seven (business) days after your photo session. When they’re ready, we will contact you and send you the link to download the photos.

How will the photos be edited?

The photos that will be ready to be downloaded will be lightly edited with color adjustments.

Will my pictures be shared?

We love to feature our clients photos and our photographers’ works on our blog or social media channels. However if you prefer to keep it private, please let us know in advance.

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