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Breathtaking China Spring Destination

Spring time is the best time to explore hidden gems of China, especially if you are in love with travelling. This time, we will tell you 8 breathtaking spots that are best for spring break holiday plus the best places to capture some of those pretty cherry blossom around the city and each destinations are definitely insta-worthy for your eyes.

1. Shanghai Gucun Park

Shanghai Gucun Park is located in the heart of Baoshan District and currently known as the biggest cherry blossom park in Shanghai. This place annually holds cherry blossom festival during spring and always having never-ending visitors. But we can tell you, that it’s all worth the view. You could find at least 4,000 cherry blossom trees blooming around the park, plus you could also find other smaller cherry blossom trees there.


4788 Hutai Lu, by Huandao Lu

沪太路4788号, 近环岛路

Opening Hours: 6 am – 6 pm

2. Wuxi Tortoise Head Garden

When you are feeling too tired of the city, escaping to a neighbor city seems like a perfect plan. This Tortoise Head Garden is the home of giant Buddha Statue and Taihu Lake, known as one of the biggest freshwater lakes in China. Around 500-hectare garden is also a place for ancient temples, pretty bridges and pagodas. The view you will capture in your lens with the mixture of natural scenery and pagodas will be extremely beautiful. Plus, it’s only around 20 minutes from Shanghai by high speed train.


No.1 Yuanzhu Road, Mashan Town, Binhu District, Wuxi 214000, Jiangsu Province, China


Opening Hours : 8 am – 5.30 pm

3. Hangzhou Prince Bay Park

Prince Bay Park or currently known as Taiziwan Park is a must visit spring destination in Hangzhou. Not only cherry blossom, Taiziwan is the home of colorful tulips festival that you have ever seen in China. Around 1000 different cherry blossom trees and 45 kind of tulips were planted on the garden, even though people are queuing to get inside, you will not regret the time you spent since the scenery is gorgeous. You will have that feeling of being in Amsterdam since they have their own windmill when the truth is you are just one hour away from Shanghai.


5-1 Nanshan Rd, Xihu District, Hangzhou Ciry, Zhejiang Province, China


Opening Hours: 8.30 am – 4.30 pm

4. Zhangjiajie Natural Forest Park

Apart from gardens with cherry blossoms and tulips, China has much more awesome spring destinations to offer, for example is Zhangjiajie. Listed as UNESCO Global Geopark, Zhangjiajie is also famous for its natural scenic spot as we saw in the movie Avatar, the hanging stone forest with a breathtaking view. Plus, you can also walk on the 4.600 feet glass bridge with stunning view. It is reported to have attracted around 80,000 visitors/day. This place is definitely one of the bucket list you should check before leaving China.


Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, China, 427400


Opening Hours: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm

5. Guilin Lijiang River Scenic Area

Known as one of the largest and most beautiful karst landscape in China, Guilin will truly be a must visit destination in China. The 83-km-long Li River with hills, cliffs, amazing caves on the sides will really ease your mind and wish you live in Guilin. The hills is famously known as the scenery that’s printed on a 20 RMB paper money and the view is too beautiful to be described. An ancient beauty poetry said: “He who travels in Guilin hills find himself in a fairyland, and He who sails along the Li River finds himself boating in a sweet dream”.


China, Guangxi Zhuangzuzizhiqu, Guilin Shi, Qixing Qu, Linjiang Rd


Opening Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

6. Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area

Another unspoiled wonders of China where it’s full of waterfalls, alpine lakes, natural grasslands and even snowy mountain views. Such a perfect wonder in one place which makes Jiuzhaigou as one of the most favorite spring destinations for years. Translated literally as Nine Settlement Valley which took the name from Tibetan settlement along the place. If you like the nature and want to get away from the busy city to enjoy fresh air, Jiuzhaigou is definitely a best place to run to.


Jiuzhaigou, Aba, Sichuan, China


Opening Hours: 8 am – 6 pm

7. Yunnan Shangrila Meili Snow Mountain 梅里雪山

If you want to escape a little bit further than just to Jiuzhaigou, we have Shangrila for you. Located in the western part of China, Shangrila is counted as Yunnan Province, where it is pretty close to Tibet. When colorful flowers or natural lakes seems too normal to you, we could recommend you this beautiful Meili Snow Mountain or best known as a holy land for Tibetan Buddhists as your spring destination. Yes, snow in Spring. Who would’ve thought? It is said that the best season to visit Meili Snow Mountain is actually during spring time, as the snow-capped peaks, dense forests and beautiful wildflowers are at its best. But make sure to check the weather and avoid going here during rainy seasons as it could cause some trouble. Apart from the Snow Mountain, you can also check on their Potatso National Park where two famous lakes passing through the heart of China is located.


about 10 kilometers north-east of Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province


Opening Hours : 8 am – 5 pm

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