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Flawless Spring Outfit for Photoshoot

Pretty flowers are blooming in the park, temperature is starting to rise and the sky has welcomed us with pretty sunshine which means: Spring is here! With all the cherry blossoms and tulips blooming all over the city, we absolutely want to capture the beautiful moments to make it lasts and making sure wearing the perfect outfit. Have no idea what to wear on your special photo shooting day? Don’t you worry, we’ve got all of your spring wardrobe to the rescue.

1. Stick to neutral color

When spring is here, we would like to show the gorgeous views combine with our outfit which is why neutral color like white, beige, cream or even nude color would work perfectly to be captured through the lens. Plus, it looks very pleasing to the eye with the gorgeous spring cherry blossom view. Either it’s a flowy dress that you love, or a two piece of top and bottom, the choice is yours.

2. Layering them up

Some other days could be pretty chilly and especially when you are planning a photoshoot that day, in order to look great and enjoying yourself during the day as well, outerwear like trench coats, thin jackets, or sweater would give a pleasing look, plus you can take them of whenever you feel like it. So you’ll have different outfit in one photo shoot. Smart trick

3. Accessorize your outfit

When you feel like being subtle on the outfit, you can always elevate your look by adding several accessorize like your newly-bought hat, that fashionable sunglasses or even your favorite accessories like the dashing hairpin everyone is using right now. You’ll look gorgeous.

4. Blue Hues

Either it’s denim, blue white stripes shirt, or your versatile blue top that always look gorgeous on you, it will be a perfect look to complement the breathtaking spring view. It’s not only blue is such a gorgeous color, it’s also everyone’s must have color. Could you tell me who doesn’t have blue/denim in their wardrobe? Trust us, you’ll never go wrong with blue.

5. Rent your local outfit

We all have different style especially when it comes to photoshoot, there are some people who would prefer to be more traditional. When you’re in Japan, try renting the Kimono from local store or Hanbok when you’re in Korea. If you’re feeling a little bit creative, you can also bring your own traditional outfit. You’ll have pretty exciting time during photoshoot.

6. Outfit coordinate

A couple photoshoot, family photoshoot or besties photoshoot will look really delightful when you color coordinate. Trying to wear the same basic color, or the same kind of outfit like matching couple outfit, same dresses with your besties, or a themed outfit with your family and loved ones.

So, you’ve got some ideas yet for the upcoming photoshoot? If you have no plans yet, don’t worry! Foo Concept will gladly help you in terms of capturing your moments and recommending you to the nicest places in town. We currently provide a two-hour photo session in the best cherry blossom blooming places. Our best recommendation is to keep a few amount from 1-2 outfit for an hour and 3-4 outfit for a two-hour photo session. You are welcome to check out our website and contact us more for details.


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