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Photoshoot Worthy Spots in Shanghai

1) The Bund

The most iconic spot in Shanghai. The Bund area is big and it consists of several photoshoot spots.

Admission fee: Free

The Bund

The Bund

Rock Bund

Rock Bund

2) Shanghai Film Park

It's a place that will transfer you back to early 19th century of Shanghai. Many movies and TV shows including The Mummy, Kung Fu Hustle, The White Countess, etc. were shot in Shanghai Film Park. If you are lucky, you can meet famous actors and actresses doing the filming there. Although it is located a bit far from Shanghai (45 minutes drive from city center), it definitely worths the trip!

Admission fee: RMB 80 - adult; RMB 40 - kids; 20% off for senior people

3) Disneyland

No explanation needed, right?

Admission fee:

- Low Season: RMB 370 - adults(1.4+M); RMB 280 - kids & senior

- High Season: RMB 575- adults(1.4+M); RMB 431 - kids & senior

- Disney town: Free

4) French Concession

For me personally, it's the prettiest face of Shanghai and it was the reason why I decided to move to this city 6 years ago. It's a huge area where once designated for the French (1849 until 1943). Now, it's one of the most prestigious housing area in Shanghai and foreigners' favorite area. You may find foreigners riding their scooters, jogging and strolling with their babies around the area. It's occupied with many Shanghai's famous coffee shops, al fresco brunches, boulangeries, bars, boutiques, galleries and shops.

Admission fee: Free

One of the Many Coffee Shops Around French Concession

Xin Tian Di

One of the Most Famous Brunch Places in Shanghai Around French Concession

5) Lujiazui Skyline

It's another hotspot in the city where you'll experience the 'WOW moment' of Shanghai.

Admission fee: Free

Sunset at Lujiazui

Binjiang Avenue

6) M50

If you are an art junkie, then M50 will be the right place for you. M50 is a happening contemporary art district in Shanghai and it is home to some of the city's best art galleries and museums. The area is decorated by graffitis and while you dissolve yourself to the art world, don't forget to have a coffee break at the infamous Undefine Coffee.

Admission fee: Free

7) 1933 Slaughterhouse

1933 Slaughterhouse is beyond your imagination. Bearing more than 70 years of history, the place has been transformed from an Art Deco slaughterhouse to a modish, industrial creative hub that hosts restaurants, shops, art galleries, performance spaces, etc. Located in the old Shanghai area, you may see the real face of Shanghai before modernization.

Admission fee: Free

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