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Why China is the Right Destination for Your Lebaran Holiday

Updated: May 31, 2018

1) It has many beautiful destinations

Going to the US, Europe or Japan once is not enough. Same thing goes for China. Divided into 5 travel destinations, each destination has its own specialty and mystery!

Changbai Mountain Ski Resort where you may see North Korea from above

Karakul Lake located in Xinjiang, West China, bordered with Pakistan & India

North Western part of the Silk Road, dominated by Muslim culture

Black Dragon Pool located at Yunnan Province, Southern part of China, bordered with Vietnam.

The very end of Great Wall, located at the dessert in the Western part of China

2) China has its own holiday calendar

Despite being the most populous country in the world, the country doesn't celebrate Christmas, New Year, Idul Fitri, Thanksgiving, or any other international holidays! So, don't be afraid to visit the country because you won't bump into the huge Chinese people crowd during your holiday.

China holiday calendar

3) You'll be surprised by how modern & develop China is

It's time to broaden your view to the East! In China, if we don't bring wallet, we don't worry at all; but if we forget to bring our Smartphone, hmmm... As a matter of fact, China is a cashless country and we love it! My British teacher once taught me about another indicator of highly developed country: infrastructure; and China nails it!

Shanghai's Infrastructure

4) Spend less, splurge more!

No explanation needed. PS: do not buy branded products in China as the tax is very high.

Shanghai East Nanjing Road

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